We tried to come up with an easy rating system so that you all know what we think about a drink without having to be an expert. Here’s what we came up with:

Sip it: This means you should try this before you buy it or we think the bottle is overpriced so you should enjoy this by trading samples with a friend or sip it at a bar rather than buying a whole bottle.

Buy it: This one goes without saying. We think this one is good enough that you should buy a bottle. However, if we use “buy it” we are saying that it’s easy enough for you to go down to the liquor store to get it.

Hunt it: We think this one is good enough that you should buy it, but we realize that it won’t be easy to just walk into a store and asking the nice person where to find the allocated whiskey. This one may take some work.

I’d Take it: I mean we’re never going to say no to whiskey… We may not sip it, buy it, or hunt for it, but we’d take it if you gave it to us. I mean at the end of the day, all whiskey is whiskey! It’s just whether or not we think it’s good enough to spend money on. This all depends on pricing vs. taste. For example, Booker’s at $40-$50 would be a “buy it”, but Booker’s at $100 would be an “I’d Take it”…