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March 2017

George T. Stagg vs. Stagg Jr.

Zeke and I are always up for a challenge, and last Sunday night we did just that. We were wondering if the price point of Stagg Jr. vs. George T. Stagg may make it the go to instead of heading... Continue Reading →

Whiskey and Water, Part 3: Frozen H₂O

If you’re just joining us in this 3-part series, check out Part 1: Setting the Stage and Part 2: Liquid H₂O to be brought up to speed. In part 3 we’re going to answer the question: What happens when you... Continue Reading →

Reservoir Bourbon, Wheat, and Rye

Name:Reservoir Bourbon, Reservoir Wheat, and Reservoir Rye Distillery: Reservoir Distillery Location: Richmond, VA MSRP: $40 for a 375ml $80 for 750ml (if you're military you can get this for $63 on base) In full disclosure, we received these whiskeys from... Continue Reading →

Medley Family Private Selection

Name:Medley Family Private Selection Distillery: Charles Medley Distillery Location: Owensboro, KY MSRP: $80-$100 depending on where you find it It's a little hard to put a link up in the distillery section for this one as there is not one... Continue Reading →

Old Forester Single Barrel (Store Pick)

Name:  Old Forester Single Barrel Distillery:  Old Forester Location: Louisville, KY MSRP:  $45 In trying to do some homework on the Old Forester Single Barrel program, it seems to have been very off/on over the last few years.  A post... Continue Reading →

Dickel 17: A Logical Story… Finally

Name:George Dickel 17 Year Tennessee Whiskey Distillery: George Dickel Distillery Location: Tullahoma, TN MSRP: $80 for a 375ml Sorry I haven't posted more reviews lately. It's been a whirlwind getting ready for my daughter's first birthday! Needless to say, it's... Continue Reading →

Whiskey and Water, Part 2: Liquid H₂O

If you missed part 1 of this series, you should check it out. In part 2 we’re going to answer the question: What happens when you add water to whiskey? The simple and annoying answer is; it changes the whiskey.... Continue Reading →

Old Ripy + Bond & Lillard

Name: Old Ripy + Bond & Lillard Distillery: Wild Turkey (technically Campari) Location: Lawrenceburg, KY MSRP: $50 for a 375ml This review is a first for us. This is not only the first time we have reviewed two bourbons at... Continue Reading →

We Spotted a Bourye!

Name: Bourye (2017) Distillery: High West Distillery Location: Park City, Utah MSRP: $75-$80 Nestled in Utah amidst of mountains, ski resorts, and tourists, lies a distillery. This distillery may be doing more sourcing than distilling, but this distillery does some... Continue Reading →

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