Our Friends

We hope that you really enjoy Dads Drinking Bourbon, but we also realize that there are some other great sites besides ours. Whiskey is served best shared, and so are whiskey blogs/podcasts. We’ll be adding to this list, but here’s a few of our favorites (in no particular order) that you should check out.

ORCA Coolers – use code DADSEASON for 20% off
Use Distillery Products for all your laser-etched glassware needs
Action 24/7 is Tennessee’s only sportsbook by Tennesseans for Tennesseans. Use code DADS100 for Action 24/7 to match up to $400 of your first deposit.
Alvies’ Boots

The Podcask
Bourbon Pursuit
This is my Bourbon Podcast
It’s Bourbon Night
The Bourbon Life
Bourbon with Friends
The Bourbon Lens
Beneath the Char
Bourbon Junkies

Whiskey/Bourbon Blogs
Whiskey Consensus
Barrels & Mash
Whisk(e)y Smiths
Bourbon and Banter
Son of Winston Churchill
Breaking Bourbon
Bourbon Inspector


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