MB Roland

Name: MB Roland Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey
Distillery: MB Roland
Location: Pembroke, KY
MSRP: $50

I’ve been really excited to crack open and try this bottle from M.B. Roland for a while. I think it’s because they market using “food-grade corn” in their bourbon which scared me because hey, shouldn’t everyone be doing that?! Seriously, please let me know the bourbons that don’t do that. But you learn something new every day. In fact, I learned that the distillery is less than an hour from Nashville (watch out I may have to come up for a tour) just up 24 past Clarksville.

Some other interesting facts is that MBR is a full distillery (as they say from “grain to glass”) founded by Paul & Merry Beth Tomaszewski in 2009. If you haven’t figured it out yet, that’s where the “MB” comes from. Bourbon is distilled and bottled there in addition to a number of flavored Moonshines.

Their bourbon comes in anywhere from 105-115 proof (mine was 110.2) and is a blend of 5-10 barrels. So in other words, this packs a mean punch, but it won’t knock you out.

Speaking of which, the spice hit me as soon as the glass made it to my mouth giving that warm rush all over. I can only imagine this has to be a high-rye as well. Once the rush hit, I was left with oak, corn, and toffee. Definitely a nice second wave of smoothness.

Overall, this definitely lived up to my expectations and absolutely is worth a try if you can find it. Honestly, for only being aged 2 years, I cannot tell you how impressed I was with how good it tastes. This is a craft Distillery that’s definitely pointed in the right direction. If you live close, you might as well go visit because the pictures of the distillery look great. Can’t wait to make a trip myself! Cheers MB Roland and keep up the good work!

Overall Verdict: Buy it. It may be young, but it’s full of flavor and a great conversation starter.


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