Blantons SFTB

Name:  Blanton’s Straight from the Barrel
Distillery Buffalo Trace
Location:  Frankfort, KY
MSRP:  $90-95 (does not include shipping to U.S.)

Why is this bottling not in the states?!?  Although I do not have the answer to that question, I do have some thoughts as to the un-cut big brother of a bottle I’m sure most of y’all own…

Note:  this tasting was performed in side-by-side comparison to Blanton’s Single Barrel (U.S.), both poured neat in Glencairn

Right off the nose, at 128.2 proof, you can tell this bourbon means business.  Alternating between the pours, the barrel proof provides almost a euphoric sense of smell in comparison to the 93 proof version.  The ~30 proof difference translates equally if not more noticeable from nose to taste.  As smooth & enjoyable as the 90 proof is, the flavors really come to life at barrel proof…it essentially screams at you, enticing a feeling similar to Mike Gundy – “I’M A MAN!!!” <>, encouraging you to embrace the heat it brings while also finding how much more pronounced the flavorings are.  For every trace or hint of flavoring in U.S. version, they are present & accounted for in the barrel proof.  The finish continues this ‘more-pronounced’ trend: very strong, somewhat thick flavor, the burn is still present although not overbearing by any means & the bursts of flavor continue to linger even after the sip has long made its way down.  All that being said, Blanton’s Single Barrel (or Elmer T Lee) are always a great bottle for the price, however, it would be nice to see this un-cut version available here in the good ole US of A.

Overall thoughts:  I think this juice is amazing, however, the pricing is not cheap & the proof more than some find appealing. If you are a fan of Blantons + enjoy high-proof offerings, this is a bottle you will enjoy having on a top shelf for special occasions.  To the general masses, at the price + proof, you may want to ‘try the milk before buying the cow’…

Rating:  Sip It

Unsolicited promotion – I was able to obtain this bottle via – should you decide to purchase, I recommend buying 2 as the shipping is virtually the same & should leave a cost ~$120/bottle

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