Checking in on Indiana: Westfork Whiskey

We here at Dads Drinking Bourbon always are happy to give the floor to others that are knowledgeable about bourbon as well. We’re always happy to check in with our friend Dirk from @indianabourbon and see what’s going on in his fine state. Thank you Dirk and we’re looking forward to seeing what else is put out in Indiana. There’s a lot going on there!


Location: 8557 Zionsville Rd Indianapolis, IN 46268
MSRP: $34.99

We @INDIANABOURBON would once again like to thank @subourbon_dad for the invite to speak a little bit about the Indiana Bourbon scene!  I’d like to feature another great distillery making great spirits and incredible bourbon @westforkwhiskey in Indianapolis, IN.  Another bonus to a review like this is I poured a little to get some notes for you all and we’re already on to glass number two!

Proof: 90

Nose: Vanilla, corn, caramel, slightly floral

Palate: Lots of vanilla and caramel with just the right hint of spice with hints of corn that distinguished bourbon drinkers will enjoy and newcomers will find easy on the tongue

Finish: Very mild but not bland by any means, it has the right amount of vanilla and caramel sweetness and a very low key burn

I don’t know the exact age of The Colonel but as with any newer Distillery they start out younger but you can really taste the craftsmanship and care this small batch, locally sourced, grain to glass bourbon has inside it!

From their website:

“The Colonel, West Fork Whiskey’s first bourbon, is a wheat centric bourbon that is soft and smooth with hints of vanilla and caramel. Named after the father of one of the founders, this bourbon has a sweeter touch and goes well neat, on ice, with a splash of water, or in your favorite bourbon based cocktails.”

In addition to The Colonel, West Fork Whiskey offers 2 Hour Delay, a hand-made, grain to glass un-aged whiskey made from 100% Indiana corn and Double Down, West Fork’s second product, is a 100% Indiana corn whiskey aged in used bourbon barrels.

west fork

In the Indiana area you can find @westforkwhiskey products at Big Red Liquors, Crown Liquors, Elite Beverages, Greenfield Liquors, Classic Spirits Liquors, and Apple’s Treetop Liquors!

The Colonel – BUY IT!
2 Hour Delay – SIP IT!
Double Down – SIP IT!

Looking forward to the future of this great group of craftsmen and will be in line for every future release as their bourbon ages!

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