3 Bourbon Hacks We Learned From Washing Bottles

Note: These were all hacks that we came up with on our own. None of the items described and pictures were provided to us and in fact, we doubt the companies even thought of using them for bourbon!

Obviously we here at Dads Drinking Bourbon know the grind of what it’s like to take care of a baby. Over the first year of your baby’s life, you feel like it’s a never-ending cycle of washing bottles. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Well, we figured it’s about time that someone taught you some of the benefits of having all that bottle washing equipment around. That’s right, here are 3 bourbon hacks that are a fringe benefit of having a baby. We think you may end up using these in the future as well. We know we will!

#1 Using a Bottle Brush to Wash Your Glencairn Glass

Bourbon Hack Picture 3
The Munchkin bottle brush fits perfectly in your Glencarin
Anyone that has had a baby is familiar with the brush in this picture. If for some reason you aren’t, here’s how you can get it. This brush from Munchkin, is a staple of any good bottle washing setup, but have you ever taken a second to think that this would be really good for Glencairns? The Glencairn glass can be fragile and you definitely don’t want to trust it in your dishwasher. This brush is perfect for your Glencairn, not only because it’s gentle on the glass, but it also can get the curves of the glass quite well without having to try and get a sponge in the glass with your fingers. A couple of swipes of this guy and a rinse out and you’re done! This is something we know we’ll be keeping around forever now!

#2 Drying Your Glencairns on the “Lawn”

Bourbon Hack Picture 2.jpg
Let your Glencairns lay out on the “Lawn” to dry
So we’ve washed our “adult bottles” but now it’s time to dry them. You don’t want to have them just sitting around where someone can knock them over accidentally while you’re chasing after a little one. Have you ever though of putting them out on the lawn? No not the lawn outside, Boon, makes a “lawn” for your inside that is perfect for drying your glasses. This little green beauty is full of little plastic blades of grass that cradle your glass with the care like you were holding it yourself. It also has a little plastic tray on the bottom that catches all the water so that you don’t get it all over the counter. Trust us, it’s worth it!

#3 Using Your Child’s Bottle Straw as a Funnel to Fill Sample Bottles or Flasks

Bourbon Hack Picture 1
Bottle straws can make perfect funnels
You can feel like you’re always washing bottles during the first year. However, there is an advantage to all those little pieces of the bottles you’re washing for your child. Especially if you use Dr. Browns, those things have a million parts and each part has a special brush to make sure you clean it correctly! Either way, if you’re using these bottles, you’re in luck! The straw makes a perfect funnel to fill a sample bottle or flask. No longer do you have to suffer with unnecessary spillage or overfilling due to the little funnels they give you with a flask. These things are perfect and they have some length that can help you in your cause. You can use the 4oz straw or 8oz straw, but we think the 4oz straw works best.

We hope these household hacks help you! Were there any we missed? Let us know if you’ve found more!


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