Bernie Lubbers, the Whiskey Professor, Takes us to School

We were incredibly lucky to have the Whiskey Professor, Bernie Lubbers himself, join us in studio for a great night of conversation and sippin’ whiskey.

In Part 1, Bernie talks about his career in comedy and music, to working for Jim Beam and eventually Heaven Hill, where he works today. We talk about a variety of topics including whiskey branding, chill filtering, and of course his thoughts on pre-fire Heaven Hill whiskey.
Bernie Signing Barrel

In Part 2, we get to drinking the whiskey. We compare the not yet released 9 year Old Fitzgerald Bottled-in-Bond to the previously released 11 year old version. Bernie was also nice enough to let us sample the Parker’s Heritage Collection 12 which is set to be released this fall.

See below for the links to listen direct, or you can always subscribe to us on your favorite podcast provider. Thank you again Bernie for taking the time to sit down with us (and of course for signing the barrel head)!

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